Free Energy with Neodymium Magnet - What is the trick? -

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Free Energy with Neodymium Magnet - The magnetns are used in the construction of the dynamos generators of electrical energy, however, although they participate in the process, no energy is withdrawn from them.
The true method for producing energy using magnets is expressed by Faraday's Law. Search for videos about the Faraday and Lenz Laws.

Energía libre con el imán del neodimio
Свободная энергия с неодимовым магнитом
Energia libera con magnete al neodimio
Neodymium चुंबक के साथ नि: शुल्क ऊर्जा
Énergie libre avec aimant de néodyme
Freie Energie mit Neodym Magnet
Energia infinita com ímã de neodímio

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