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By: TurbomelonPublished: 1 year ago

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This is a Teen Titans GO! Robin vs. Starfire Fanmade Full Movie. Credit goes to the respectful owners of Cartoon Network for the original content with Teen Titans Go!

THIS IS FAKE! I DID THIS JUST FOR COMEDY AND THE BLACKFIRE FACE REPLACE THING WAS FOR COMEDY AS WELL! SO JUST TAKE IT AS A JOKE AND STOP COMMENTING MEAN STUFF SAYING THAT THIS IS FAKE AND THAT THIS VIDEO SUCKS!... I just replaced the face for a extra funny fighting scene which I thought would be funny. I thought you would all like and enjoy it! Geez!...

I always wanted to try out making a simple short fan-made movie out of this show because it's my most favorite T.V Show because it always makes me laugh. I wanted to also see a episode or a movie about when Robin is fighting Starfire because I thought it would be epic and hilarious so I created this. Hope you all enjoy it!

This movie is about when Robin and Starfire starts disagreeing on a lot of things and it all started from one prank then it escalated to fighting and violence.

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