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By: Palazzo Grassi - Punta della DoganaPublished: 10 years ago

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The restoration work of Punta della Dogana, based on the project of Tadao Ando, mobilized an average of 120 workers for a total 300,000 hours under the direction of Dottor Group.

80% of the perimeter of Punta della Dogana borders on the water of the Lagoon. Consequently, the site logistics were entirely carried out via water.

A temporary port, and the use of barges and bontoons made it possibile to handle over 10,000 tons of different materials, with over 2,000 trips from the shore.

This film was shot entirely with digital reflex camera.
Special thanks to Tadao Ando, Comune di Venezia e Agenzia del Demanio.

Music by Johann Pachelbel (Canon in D)
Performed by Matteo Secci

A film by Ugo De Berti - www.udb.it

Copyright 2009 Ugo De Berti

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